Stringed instruments – Elena Lyubimova
Drums – Oleg Shuntsov
Wind instruments – Timur Nekrasov
Ethnic instruments – Timofey Lebedev
Guru – Evgenii Borodachev
Adam Straney (BreakPoint Mastering)

“Elephants are already drowned” unites many styles such as jazz, ethno, downtempo, trip-hop. The 99% of sounds were live-recorded. Not only professional musicians took part in creating the album, but also street musicians from different cities and countries (Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Portugal, USA, Georgia). It is completely hand-made and unique work.

“I’m a biologist from Moscow and I am traveling a lot. I never miss the opportunity to find and record music that sounds in the hearts of people living around the world.
My journey is just beginning and this is only the first album. I have already started to work on the second album, in which I will perfect my style and features and find more unique musicians and sounds.”